Saturday, June 30, 2007


I am Roger de Lazo, a businessman married and blessed with 3 children. Life I thought was living it to the fullest and you can do it by being religious, being good, raising a good family and doing good works. I am not a smoker, nor a drunkard, not a womanizer, and my happiness is to raise my family and send my kids to school. My wife was a housekeeper, a good wife, the one who takes care of our three wonderful kids. I live a simple life debt free and I could say I am living a life with peace in my mind never been involved to a fight. I loved my family so much that what I believed before is to love them more than myself. My family and I were a happy family. Though there were ups and downs in our life, but we were able to get in through it.

The world is so enticing and my wife and I started to think about our future. It came to a point where I felt life is really getting hard, my kids were growing and we were dreaming of things we needed for our future. I wanted to give my family the best like having our own dream house. I started to think differently and came up to a point where I thought that I was moving too slowly and the world seems to be getting fast on me. I was not getting any younger and I needed to fast track my career. There were times when my wife would discuss about our present situation because she would like to help me financially. Although we were not short financially we thought that we needed to do something. I also began to misinterpret my wife when she discussed these things to me. I started to asked myself was I a failure to my family? I cannot provide them what they deserved. Unknowingly, we were starting to create a problem on our own. I began to be depressed and felt lonely. I felt emptiness in my life. My life seems to be unfulfilling. I was looking on things that I needed but cannot attain. Because of this situation, we begun to quarrel a lot and blame each other.

I was then invited for a family reunion. I never expected that the reunion ended up with a bible study. A bible teacher was invited and conducted a bible study about salvation. I started to know more about the Lord every week as we kept attending the bible series. When I’m home, I reached out my bible, and open it. The bible that I never opened since it was given to me as a gift 5 years ago. I tried to read it and read again the verses I took note from what the bible teacher taught us. I started to share what I read in the bible to my wife. Knowing Jesus is the best thing that happened into my life. On February of 2003, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

As I walked with the Lord, I experienced the excitement and joyfulness of Christ living in me. God enabled me to share the gospel of salvation to my relatives and friends. I started to learn how to pray from my heart and read the bible. I prayed for my relatives’ salvation. I wanted them to experience the goodness and greatness of God. I wanted them to bring to Christ who is our only hope for salvation. I felt that that this is the most important thing I needed to do in my life because I learned that no one can see the kingdom of God unless you are born again in spirit. Unknowingly, I started to hunger on God’s word. My office mates noticed my changes. I gathered them thinking that it was a regular business meeting, and they were amazed when I shared them the gospel. I will never forget the joyfulness I felt in sharing the gospel to my office mates. Our next meeting became more fruitful because I bought them bibles and started a bible study. At night, I prayed for their salvation and our bible study in the office became regular. I went to my hometown to visit my father and my sister. I met them and started sharing the gospel. I prepared materials for them to learn and they were amazed how I talked about the goodness of God. My father was in the late years of his life and I prayed for him. I expressed about my desire of being with them in heaven in the future.

As I walked with the Lord, I experienced that my life has been fulfilled with Jesus Christ living in me. Jesus, is more than enough for me! I thank and praise the Lord our God that He chose me and my family to serve Him and it is such a great privilege sharing His goodness to everyone. Truly, our Lord God is alive in our lives. All praises and thanks to Him. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!

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