Saturday, June 30, 2007


It’s only the Lord whom I trust
It’s only Him who gives me everything
It’s only the Lord that truly understands
It’s only Him that loves me everyday
It’s only Him that gives me peace
How good you are to love a sinner like me

How true are His promises
I praised Him day and night
Because even if I am a sinner
Even if I make mistakes
He is not here to condemned me
But to forgive me and to love me without any conditions

He gives me gladness in my heart
Because my heart is His
He gives blessings in my life I can never imagine
I will always trust Him in my life
Because he never and can never break His promises

The Lord is my only hope
In this sinful world I am in
It’s only Him who can tear down wickedness
Because He is so faithful to forgive me
There is no other salvation to find
But to trust in Him alone

I can never explained the love He showed everyday
I can never explain how He takes care of me
I can never explained why even I am not faithful
He is always ready to embraced me
My Lord how unworthy I am
And you deserve to be praised!

It’s only the Lord that teaches me the truth
It’s only the Lord that gives me life
It’s only Him that never fails to listen to my prayers
It’s only the Lord that is always ready to forgive my transgressions
You oh Lord will only be the one I should hope
Because it’s only You who can see my heart
Because it’s only You oh JESUS
That can make everything new again!

(Imparted by GOD in my heart on January 14,2006 at 6:30am)

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